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  • Green Coffee, Quality Control, Geography & Origins
  • Cupping, Sensory Analysis, Scoring Methodology
  • Roasting Methods, Bean Chemistry, Coffee Thermodynamics
  • Handbrew Equipment, Handbrew Art vs. Science
  • Espresso Equipment, Espresso Art vs. Science, Barista I
  • Latte Milk Science, Latte Milk Art, Barista II
  • Cafe Design, Cafe Management, Customer Service
  • Leadership, Financial Strategy, Tips, Tricks & Fun

ROCC Roast House Location

519 Guanshan Ave.
ChangCheng, ZuoBiaoCheng
Bldg.18, Unit4, Apt.103 
East Lake New Development Zone
Wuhan City, Hongshan District
Hubei Province, PRC 430000


Mon-Fri   9am - 5pm
Sat-Sun   By appointment only