The coolest part of having high quality, fresh green coffee in China... combined with a couple powerful coffee roasters and an amazing team... all that stands between you and a fresh cup of amazing coffee is a few clicks (or touches for mobile users) and suddenly we can expedite the freshest coffee and gear to you.

Just complete your order on our Shop page and within a few days we'll get the coffee or merchandise whipped up, packed smart and shipped out. If there is a special request or further information is needed, someone from the ROCC Coffee Crew will contact you in short time.

* Note: certain coffees or products have a few days lag due to roasting schedules, order volume or inventory on hand. Please be sure to plan for some lead time so that you're not left stranded some morning without fresh ROCC Coffee. In that case, we do recommend a good Chinese green tea readily available. Don't risk it with that instant-you-don't-wanna-know-what-it-contains-coffee-powder : / 



One of the great things about shopping with ROCC is that you can use Paypal, Visa, Mastercard... payment options. Use some of that foreign cash to enjoy some amazing-fresh-roasted-China-ROCC-Coffee-goodness. Rest assured knowing that our servers are all based with secure US web servers and payment systems. It's always good to be careful, so if you do have a VPN handy - why not turn it on for good measure.



Shipping in China... Yes, we call it kuaidi. It's a love-hate relationship around here but growing sweeter everyday... Please provide specific house, apartment, business details (in Chinese characters) with your mobile phone number upon checkout.


Shipping outside of China... Yes, we can but it's a bit expensive. If you want to plan ahead (or if you know someone will travel to the USA) why not practice a little personal export and have a person reserve some space in their luggage for fresh roasted coffee? After all, what better way to say "I love you" than with a fresh bag of something amazing? : )

Prefer to save some money and do a local pickup? Let's plan ahead and we can give you a quick tour of the roastery.


Buy Fresh... Grind Fresh!
Brew Fresh... Drink Fresh!

The best way to enjoy amazing coffee is to get it from an amazing local roaster, grind those fresh roasted beans right before you use them and then brew it fresh. Make sure you're wearing a fresh new shirt and if you feel inspired go get a fresh haircut or fresh lacquer on those nails (ladies only) why not?!?

Life is good, keep things fresh with ROCC.