Come Fire, Come Flood

Wuhan is flooded right now. A stark contrast to July 2012  

 Grand Opening Oct 2012

Grand Opening Oct 2012

4 years ago we were launching ROCC Coffee Company in China. The business plan had been fine tuned since December the prior year, the vision had been cast, initial capital contributions were made, and the ship was about to set sail. 

Unlike Noah (who built an ark in the dessert) our neighbors all thought roasting and selling coffee was a great idea. No one ridiculed us. They applauded our faith and dedication. We kept moving forward. 

Unlike Noah, we also abandoned shipbuilding plans when times were tough. Sought partners, retail, wholesale, cafes, equipment, beans, new locations, training... The rain never came. Slowly the ship was dismantled to support each new iteration.

With the capital and energy from 2012, the floods (literal & figurative) before us now, and the wisdom I have acquired through 4 years of fire - surely the ship could have set sail. 

Its a new day.

Adam S. Carpenter

ROCC, LLC, 806 Gehr Street, Wenatchee, WA, 98801