Happy International Coffee Day!

5 Things We LOVE About Coffee

People ask, "Why on earth are you doing coffee in China?"

Honestly, we may be better off strictly teaching English or facilitating exchange programs. BUT we love coffee, and in honor of International Coffee Day, here are the top 5 reasons why.

1. Coffee encourages Action.

Living in, and doing business in, China we especially need to hold onto that classic Western routine of a good morning cuppa' Joe. You may hear us say, "As long as we've had a good cup of coffee, we feel like we can tackle any challenge that comes our way!"

2. Coffee builds Community.

Consider how many times you want to catch up with friends "over a cup of coffee". That black or milky drink is typically not the important thing you remember when walking away from the meeting, but it was an important tool to determine the place and define the casual mode by which friends shared life together. 

3. Coffee is a beautiful marriage of Art and Science. 

We approach coffee with scientific method and finish with artisan obsession.
Bean quality and character is determined by factors such as: climate, harvest and processing.
Roast quality is determined by temperature, time and speed.
Coffee quality is determined by grind, brew method and water variables.
Finally, the Drinker's experience (yours) is determined by barista skill, caring service and those beautiful touches which express, "This was done right!"

4. Coffee is an International Language.

Did you know that coffee is a fruit grown in tropical regions surrounding the equator? These areas also often experience the most severe or threatening forms of poverty. Many advanced and emerging economies are those that share in the privilege of enjoying coffee as a specialty craft. Yet, that one cup of coffee we enjoy has passed from countless hardworking hands of farmers, traders and craftsmen along the supply chain. We feel pretty lucky to be a part of telling the story and delivering the final beans and brew. 

5. In the East, Coffee represents the West. 

Coffee is still relatively new to China. Many people still prefer to drink tea. However, many young Chinese see coffee as representative of a door which opens up to a world so long closed - The West! Coffee stands for creativity, individuality and expression. Coffee represents a new beginning - an opportunity to open the door and pursue a better life. 


Happy International Coffee Day!!!

Enjoy a good cup of coffee, with the people you love, in honor of the hard and beautiful work coffee specialists  do around the world!