Our Amazing Coffee Crew Rides New Waves!

Wuhan summer is coming to a close, and ROCC is sailing into a season of new waves. We are pleased to introduce our new, fresh, vibrant ROCC Coffee Crew!

Adam – Coffee Captain

Abby – First Officer to the Coffee Captain

Andy – Roast Master and Sales Manager Extraordinaire

Hannah – Book Keeper and Local Legal Expert

ROCC Founder Adam Carpenter is our fearless Coffee Captain, sailing the coffee business into a new horizon. Adam has built and led ROCC Coffee Co. in Wuhan for the last three years and is excited about the direction the Crew is heading. We hope you ride this new wave with us!

Andy and Hannah are our local experts. We wouldn’t be able to do the work we do without them!

Andy is our roast master. He ensures our roasting quality and constantly creates new sales leads. ROCC currently serves xxx cafes in Wuhan, but we’re growing everyday and additionally helping many new cafes open! Hannah provides some rigidity to our raggedy crew. She’s an excellent bookkeeper and helps us to sail forward!

Abby is the newest member of our Coffee Crew. We’re excited to have her join for the next two years as First Officer to the Coffee Captain. In addition to managing the Roast House and assisting Adam in strategic planning, Abby oversees Retail and Community Engagement.

  •  Retail – Abby will be engaging our local foreign community, offering ease of access to our specialty coffee, building a tribe of U.S. supporters, and expanding our retail to insight a more playful coffee culture.
  • Community Engagement – Abby will be launching our Coffee Services and local social responsibility through the creation and execution of the ROCC Better Life Academy. The Academy will engage local students who have fallen victim to the system in a four month English, leadership and coffee training program in partnership with our local cafes. The program will train quality baristas, incite a local coffee culture and drive traffic to our cafes to increase sales and help them win! More info on the ROCC Better Life Academy to come!

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 Andy, Hannah and Abby ensuring the quality of our roast!

Andy, Hannah and Abby ensuring the quality of our roast!

 Hannah, Abby and Adam strategizing!

Hannah, Abby and Adam strategizing!