ROCC's AMAZING Summer Interns

For the past month, ROCC Coffee Co. has hosted 3 AMAZING interns from the APU School of Business and Management China Study Abroad program. Read their ROCCified experiences below.


My internship at ROCC was an amazing opportunity for me to experience what business is like in China and what it takes to keep a business going (it takes an amazing CEO and an amazing sales manager). Throughout my time here I have experienced sales calls, roast days, outreach events, cafe visits, and so much more. Working for a company that wants the best for its customers and cafes is inspiring. Not only does ROCC supply the best and freshest coffee in China, but they supply the knowledge and skills that are needed for successful cafes. That is part of why working for a socially aware and responsible company has been so uplifting. They care. This internship has taught me so much about care, responsibility, Chinese culture, guanxi, friendship, and so much more. I owe so much thanks to Adam and ROCC for this opportunity. Sincerely, XIE XIE! 


My time at ROCC has been a blur, but I have never learned so much in 5 weeks. Every day was a new experience. Learning about the business practices of China was a completely new experience. It's very interesting and frustrating at the same time, but you just learn to roll with it and assimilate to the culture if you want to succeed. The reason I pursued this internship was because I want to own a cafe in a foreign country eventually. Although ROCC is currently a B2B vendor, Adam did a great job at teaching us about the coffee industry. And ROCC is more than just a money-driven business. They truly care about people and want to make life better for the community. We were able to start a new project where we sell skateboards which will pay for underprivileged Chinese kids to get English lessons and more! I'm so grateful for the experience ROCC has provided for us, and I plan to carry this new knowledge and passion into my own ventures. 


I still can't believe we've been at ROCC for a month. Jared and Jimmy have been a huge asset to the team, and it will be sad to see them go. For me, it has been great to get acclimated with coffee culture in China and to learn the ins and outs of ROCC Coffee Co. As a coffee roaster, ROCC's vision is to Make Life Better by building community and providing a playground for amazing coffees locally in Wuhan, online and through U.S. partners and sales outlets. These five weeks have equipped me to step into my new role as First Officer to the Coffee Captain, overseeing Operations, Retail and Community Engagement. While we have already begun to improve processes for production and online sales, my most exciting project has been to develop and execute a company-based social enterprise offering workforce skills training to underprivileged youth in Wuhan. 

Summer ROCCers at Aloha Diner for our end of summer celebration!

From the SUMMER ROCCers to ROCC -
A huge thanks is owed to Adam and his family, and Andy! We appreciate all the energy spent towards showing us the ropes of the coffee world in Central China. Even more, we appreciate the friendships that formed. We love you guys from the bottom of our coffee grinds (hearts)!
 We miss Jared and Jimmy already!

We miss Jared and Jimmy already!