Coffee is a Fruit - Part 1

Yes, it's always a fun way to open a coffee conversation, "Did you know that coffee is a fruit?"

Some people refer to the red, or yellow, or purple berry as a "coffee cherry". Below are some helpful images to put this into perspective. Tune in for Part 2 on the Coffee Fruit Blog.

The coffee tree loves to grow at high elevations in sub-tropical mountains where temperatures are temperate year-round.

 The best coffee cherries are picked by hand.

The best coffee cherries are picked by hand.

Because the coffee tree (or shrub) is a fruit-bearing-plant, that means it also has a seed. Typically 2 seeds in every cherry. Guess what we use those seeds for? 

... That's right - we roast the seeds to make coffee! If you're a little confused it's ok - the word coffee is really an overused word. For example, here are a few all too common uses.

Coffee - a tree/shrub/plant growing on a mountainside
Coffee - a fruit/cherry handpicked by hardworking women and men.
Coffee - a seed or bean, raw or green removed from the coffee cherry.
Coffee - a roasted seed we start to call a "bean" (now this is getting exciting!).
Coffee - a scoop of (hopefully fresh roasted) ground up beans.
Coffee - a cup of brewed drink using hot water poured through a bed of ground coffee.

This final definition brings us to our final, and very circular, point.

I would like to sit down with a hot cup of brewed "coffee" which came from a scoop of ground "coffee" which started out as a measured portion of roasted "coffee" beans which were previously, hopefully carefully, roasted by someone who used nice green/raw "coffee" beans, who somehow managed to get ahold of that processed "coffee" seed from a production facility which separated the "coffee" seeds from the farmers "coffee" fruit harvest which was hand-picked from a mountainside planted with "coffee" trees.

After that mental exercise let's just enjoy a few more fun coffee fruit photos. Peace.

Adam S. Carpenter

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